Affectionately referred to as “The Granite Highlands of Upper Austria”, Mühlviertel lies between the Bohemian Forest (Böhmerwald) and the Danube with borders to the Czech Republic in the north and Germany to the west. The Austrian cultural hub of Linz being the largest city in this region. 

These fertile heartlands are home to Austria’s largest hop cultivation and flax. Mühlviertel is famed for its 500-year beer brewing history, home to craft specialist beers, this region includes Austria’s only monastery brewery in Schlägel Abbey. Wealth also came to these parts with the century-old linen and textile industries that populate this corner of Upper Austria, whose fine linens are sought after throughout the world and make a great place to source for home décor. 

Mühlviertel is often wrongly overlooked by most tourists, thus making it a perfect escape for life in the slow-lane of Austria with fantastic outdoor pursuits from hiking, mountain biking, ski, fishing to golf. Culturally too, Mühlviertel has several quaint little pitstops like the town of Neufelden with its rather posh boulevard of baroque-styled houses, medieval streets and ancient churches. 

Whether it is the healing waters filtered through the granite, the famous beers, the handmade furniture from the Bohemian woodlands or those linen crofters: Mühlviertel is a haven of the crafted, with nice & slow in harmony with nature on the doorstep.

Hotel & Restaurant Mühltalhof Neufelden, is a riverside boutique hotel and culinary hotspot in Austria
Mühlviertel, Austria

Hotel & Restaurant Mühltalhof

A fabulous foodie haunt, this chilled riverside hotel in Upper Austria is a traditional modernist that plays with heritage, the arts and nature between the Bohemian Forests and the Danube.

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