Fashion designer Sina Thomaseth with a crowd in her staff uniforms high overlooking a valley
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Sina Thomaseth: Shaping chic hotel work wear

It’s interesting how sometimes a smart uniform or chic work wear becomes noticeable in a hotel or restaurant setting. We’re accustomed to hardly even seeing bland, blended-in styles on the staff that serve us, so when a different look approaches, we take note.

Fashion designer of stylish hotel work attire, Sina Thomaseth uses her unique eye to create fashionable uniforms by working in synergy with the space and architecture of the hotel or restaurant. 

Her made-to-order designs and ready-to-wear styles are known for their high quality and intricate detailing. Sustainability is key too; Sina looks at the industry as whole and works to formulate practical solutions within workwear such as  easy to wash and wear again clothing, uniforms that can be reordered and styles that can be adjusted without need for wasting material.  She also has the intuitive knack of seeing beyond vapid marketing logos and accent colours and instead formulating a unique look often inspired by nature. Born in a little village near Nuremberg, Sina always had a love for the mountains, and is continually inspired by the nuances of nature, from the seasons’ changing colours to the structures of trees, a connection which sees itself play out in her work, with durable and easy-to-care-for natural materials such as cotton and wool coming from the locale of Germany and Northern Italy, before being brought to life with base colours that mould an organic look that yet still manage to teeter on couture.

 fashion designer Sina Thomaseth

Always sensitive to her immediate environment and the wider world outside, you’ll find Thomaseth’s work to be in perfectly in at home within its hotel boundaries. Picking her clients carefully, Thomaseth has worked with some of our favourite hotels including new member Monastero Arx Vivendi in Arco. Mountain hotels are close to her heart as well as her homeland and her portfolio includes LagacióBühelwirtSchgaguler, Weißes Kreuz and Vigilius Mountain Resort in South Tyrol, as well as Alpenloge in Bavaria, Zillertalerhof in Tirol and Hotel Altstadt in Vienna.

Next time a natty uniform catches your eye at your bolthole of style, it’ll likely be the queen of hotel cool, Sina Thomaseth’s sustainable and innovative designs.

Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados

Crisp, neat, modern and edged with style characterises Thomaseth’s hotel uniform designs which are sleek and pared-back, although regional touches are often nodded to, with embellishments such as the delicate pussy bow shirt on the more utilitarian pinafores of Miramonti Boutique Hotel.

Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados
Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados

At Blaue Gans in Salzburg, staff pair a workaday vibe apron in durable grey with a crisp white shirt – the perfect match of practicality and ready-to-help sophistication.

Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados Thomaseth Teamfashion | Hotel Wear & Uniform Design | The Aficionados

Recent work for Ullrhaus in St Anton sees a minimalist and monochromatic fashion style grace the cool cats that work in this modernist Alpine character, with cropped wide-legged trousers and high-necked white shirts. 


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