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Greece for Lovers must be one of the most original design studios around. Fusing their cheeky kitsch humour with a pastiche on the notion of Greekness, their contemporary products are completely one-of-a-kind.


With a collection of products that are all stand-out unique, Greek is for Lovers takes a tongue-in-cheek look at modern and classical Greek culture. Guaranteed to raise a smile, the objects are playful and luxe in their appearance and make ridiculously unusual souvenirs.

It’s easy to see the Greek in everything they do. Inspired by beach culture, there are vases that resemble the Mediterranean shores, a “Tan Lines” series, described as “sun-kissed, foldable furniture” and a popsicle-shaped marble paperweight - a gentle reminder that you won’t be stuck at your desk forever.

Hellenic riffs can be seen in the Greek statue candles, the solid brass dumbbells in the form of Ionic columns, to work on getting that perfect beach body and the play on Greek sandals where a leather and sandal topped skateboard is ready for an ollie. Other favourites include “Granny Tunes” the handcrafted i-Pod holder crocheted by local artisans – the perfect fusion of old and new, just like Greece itself.


This hip, playful design studio fittingly based at the foot of the Acropolis was founded by boundary-pushing creatives Vasso Damkou, Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou. Ready to poke fun at everything Greek from the ancients to today’s trends, Greek is for Lovers began producing contemporary design pieces.

Their first collaboration as a design team was the 2005 “Ingrid & Stavros.” Drawing from woman’s bikinis, it’s actually a whimsical way to cool way to your wine in the water. Part function, part kitsch, Greek is for Lovers proceeded to design objects that were useful, humorous and quintessentially Greek, but perhaps not in the way you might imagine with casual use of irony, nonchalance and fantasy as defining features. Add in careful craftsmanship from local artisans, Greek is for Lovers has gained worldwide acclaim. 

Stand Out

You would be hard pressed to find a more original team of designers – and to self-consciously create humour from your own heritage is a rare skill.

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