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2017 - Jack Frost Edition

Here, There, Not Everywhere

2020 - Farmhouse Fabulous

The Aficionados in Print

Being tactile by nature is something that rocks our boat – so no wonder then that our love of fonts, print and paper stock is part and parcel of what defines The Aficionados. 

The Aficionados in print is a series of directory magazines about the culture of travel with style edits about hotels, private houses and creative lifestyle. In the digital age, it is comforting to flick through well-written pages and when on travels we always have a stack with us, which usually includes a pit stop at the Monocle kiosks in London or Soda in Munich. Never out of power, these paper staples are wonderfully silent whether they be a travel and style resource like ours, or an excellent read brimming with juicy wording and luminous with photography from one of our friends.  

The Aficionados has been happily published for almost ten years, and we support family-owned printers in Austria, paper suppliers from Italy and distribute our wares to fellow hotels, our partners and those places whereby we feel at home. Our Travel inspired magazines showcase our encounters with interesting places to stay and incorporate our second love of all things crafted. Sensory editions like Farmhouse FABULOUS and Casa GORGEOUS celebrate the diversity of concepts, dreamers and those people who made us smile.

To fellow papyrophiliacs (those who love paper) keep up the obsession.


Casa GORGEOUS is our second style publication and as the title suggests, this travel edition is a wunderkammer of small beautiful guesthouses from the townhouse villa to the coastal mansions, from modern interpretations to the classic genre of the casa.

Bound in a soft matt cover with just over 130 pages, this latest magazine is packed with beautiful photography and narrates the small editions of crafted interior style and design from Lisbon to Rome, the Cyclades to the Atlantic coast of Ireland. 

Our edition of Casa GORGEOUS is OUT NOW. Discover our hotel aficionados founded on the design, luxury, style and soul - through the touch of print.

What defines a Casa GORGEOUS?

Over the pages, our hotel hotlist of Maisons, townhouses and villas open their doors to reveal an eclectic, personable style brought together with love. 

We explore their unashamed passion for detail in its myriad forms, representing a visual diary of the owners' creativity.

To fellow papyrophiliacs (those who love paper) keep up the obsession

Farmhouse FABULOUS

Our first in a series of Style Editions: Farmhouse FABULOUS is our new reconfigured magazine by The Aficionados of the modern country-house depicted through stunning photography and descriptive text.

Bound in a lovely softcover with 132 full-colour pages of rural escapes, the magazine, printed in Austria, is in a revised handier format with the cover photo by Massimo Crivellari @crivefoto

Once considered the ‘rough-it’ option, down on the farm has over the past couple of years radically shifted style gear. Bold rural architecture rubs shoulders with traditional sustainable conversions, whilst interiors dart from hymns of Scandi design to the rustic textures of the land, using time-old generational materials.

A rural design magazine which neatly pulls together those country-style retreats with stunning photography and descriptive text.  Your escape-to-the-country itinerary.

Perfect as a resource for travel to the countryside, as an interior design reference or as a style statement on your bookshelf - or better still, gift a copy to someone who loves style and travel.

For you aficionados of design, devotees of interiors, the hunters of creative architecture and for those who just like finding that off-the-radar guest house. It could inspire your own interiors at home or spur those life-changing dreams in creating your very own rural guest house.

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