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South Tyrol’s Jazz Festival of Culture

South Tyrol’s Jazz Festival of music, mountains and culture - also known as the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige – takes place every year from the end of June, for nine days. This year, be sure to bookmark June 24th – July 3rd 2022 in your cool culture kid diaries.

A bastion of jazz festivals worldwide, South Tyrol’s music and culture event of the year is ground-breaking in its breath-taking musical backdrop of the Alpine Dolomites, set against a landscape that borders the cultures and scenic beauty of ItalyAustria and Switzerland.

Originating in the romantic city of Bolzano and now extending out across the whole of the South Tyrol region, this jazz festival sets the scenery as the stage, and the jazz as a part of the landscape.

From contemporary jazz legends like Reiner Baas - the contemporary face of jazz’s open and changing culture (who alongside performances will also kick off the whole festival with his ground-breaking ‘jazz opera’) – to guitar workshops, jazz & wine tasting sessions and marching bands.

Over 150 musicians will take part in South Tyrol’s jazz festival – spanning 90 concerts across 50 different venues – this is a scenic culture hotspot of the Alps if ever there was one – somewhere to really sink into, eyes, ears et al.

jazz, music, festival, South Tyrol, Alto Adige, map
South Tyrol | Jazz Festival of Culture | The Aficionados South Tyrol | Jazz Festival of Culture | The Aficionados

We have 15 style hub spots all over South Tyrol - each of which are a perfect place to lay down your culture-fied head each evening. From mountainside natural spas to meadow-hugged renovation projects, take a look in our different South Tyrol Hotel regions for some serious travel inspo.

For more on upcoming jazz festivals have a peek at Lisbon’s CoolJazz, more in South Tyrol at the Valbadia Fest, to the oldest jazz festival in Stockholm and Salzburg’s Old Town Jazz Fest. We don’t mean to toot our own trumpet, but our travel journal is really pretty good.


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