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Monocle’s Love Affair with South Tyrol

Hot off the heels from skiing in Italy’s beautiful South Tyrolean Mountains, Monocle’s recent Travel Top 50 Awards launched our thoughts back there again as two of our favourite hotels, Ottmanngut and Miramonti Boutique Hotel, each won one of Monocle’s coveted Travel Top 50 Design Awards.

Avid readers of Monocle, will already be aware that owner Tyler Brûlè has set up second-home roots in South Tyrol and become thier unofficial global ambassdor - and who can blame him. With the dreamiest of microclimates, South Tyrol is Italy’s hidden oasis; surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Alps it has the tropical, jasmine-scented town of stylish Merano nestling peacefully below.

View form Meran to the Alps in South Tyrol, Italy, Mediterranean trees and snow capped mountains

It is here, in Italy’s notoriously beautiful town of Merano that the fabled garden of Ottmanngut can be found, winner of Monocle’s Best Place for Contemplation. This 19th century Mediterranean-style garden, quietly sitting amongst vineyards and abloom with the uplifting fragrances of cypress and lemon trees, has long been a place of contentment and inspiration for writers, artists and thinkers.

Ottmanngut in Merano - tropical gardens of South Tyrol, Italy
Ottmanngut - the boutique guesthouse in Meran, South Tyrol, Italy Interiors of the boutique hotel, Ottmanngut in Meran, South Tyrol

Relax in a hidden leafy green corner of Ottmanngut’s garden, enjoying a delicious breakfast of local, organic produce, and you will be in no doubt as to why Monocle awarded them with this fantastic win.

Head upwards; in to South Tyrol’s snowy mountain range - the Italian Alps, no less - and you will come across the second The Aficionados winner from the Monocle Travel Top 50 Awards, Miramonti Boutique Hotel, featured under Best Hotel Architects.

Nestled amongst lush alpine woodland Miramonti has been designed with a carefully considered simplicity and a paramount amount of style. Crafted by the incredible Heike Pohl, co-founder of illustrious Italian studio, Arch-Tara, her understanding of Miramonti’s location and spirit shines right through: “It was about completing what’s already there: the panorama and the cordial hosts.”

Alpine infinity pool at the Sap of the Miramonti Luxury Hotel, Halfling, South Tyrol, Italy
Miramonti Boutique Hotel Hafling/Avelengo in South Tyrol, Italy  Design Bedroom at the Miramonti Boutique Hotel Hafling/Avelengo in South Tyrol, Italy

An ideal trip to Italy’s South Tyrol would therefore be to flit between the two, from the verdant green, tropical foliage at Ottmanngut to the peaceful mountain views of forested Miramonti.

In a microclimate and location that defies the imagination, the style, design and beauty found in each hotel make them more than worthy of their place on the Monocle Travel Top 50 Awards (but we are still rather pleased!)

The Aficionados work with hotels that are small, boutique, luxury, and above all, have style. 


Images © Monocle Magazine, Ottmanngut & Miramonti Boutique Hotel


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