Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria, open fire place, modern design chair, ecclectic interiors

Alpine Rhapsody

the Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria

Alpine Rhapsody

the Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria

Alpine Rhapsody

View from the outside overlooking the Bad Gasteiner Valley at sunset, the Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria
This is a house of pure chillax for families, geared to heal the pains of parenthood courtesy of Aveda, the kids set a course of exploration while gran is happy reading books on the decks looking out to the mountains


Haus Hirt Hotel & Aveda Spa was built as an imposingly grand yet elegant Alpine lodge gracing a fantastic hillside foothold in the spa town of Bad Gastein, Austria.

Today, this famed boutique retreat caters firmly for the utterly modern family and their sophisticated little clan - an insiders tip of a family affair where stylish grandma feels equally at home as do the digital grandkids. Elements of the Austrian arts and crafts movement dance close to commissioned pieces of the modern age while oversized sofas play host to an eclectic crowd. Every bit a "Private House", this boutique hotel is where you feel at total ease during the winter ski season or chilling in the summer.

Whilst the interiors of Haus Hirt Hotel could easily be the centre spread in some glossy, it is an urban country pad without the pretence, playful with lovely quirky corners that are focal points for pleasant distraction, a rest bite to take in the cinematic views across this truly enchanting alpine landscape of Bad Gastein. We just love the relaxed soul of Haus Hirt, it has a warmth and sense of character that is hard to find, both eccentric yet familiar, stylishly actual and cosy – a boutique cross-generational hub that inspires, recharges and simply prompts unwinding, with or without the family clan in tow.

A treasure trove of everything alpine - created with heart, the interiors reflect the owner's love of nature, comfort and a little fun



Country Chic Restaurant at Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria Country Chic Restaurant at Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria

Good, natural & flavoursome cuisine narrates the foodie scene at Haus Hirt. In the cosy alpine country-chic dining rooms decorated in bright tones, a homemade mecca of foods awaits guests, from great family classics to those with a health conscientious balance perfect for those here on a spa programme. Families and kids are in the best hands with tasty treats menus for the little ones. There is always something for everyone on the table. 

Expect a culinary journey of original and tasty Austrian & alpine delights with epic views of the valley yonder, before hitting the snug for late-night chats over drinks.


Pool, Wellness at Haus Hirt Boutique Alpine Hotel & Aveda Spa in Bad Gastein, Austria

Haus Hirt has a natural holistic soul-inspired and curated by the passionate and ever-so positive owner, Evelyn. Located in the home of the Gasteiner Thermal Waters - which in a nutshell have been quietly filtering through the Tauern Mountains for 3,000 years now - they surge upwards and outwards in a spectacle of nature loaded with minerals, elements and natural radon. This good stuff is on tap at Haus Hirt - and comes to its own in the Aveda Spa. 

Take a bath in this purist water said to be regenerating, vitalising, detoxifying, cell-rebuilding - also claimed to be great for fertility too - go on, hop in there then!  Combined with doctors, this spa sets the tone of the classic Austrian Kur - a spa treatment centred on healing waters. To complete the chain of balance and harmony, Haus Hirt partnered with Ayurveda specialists, AVEDA, to bring in the 5 natural elements (although this could be 6 if we count the positive effect of being in the Alps). The heated pool with stunning valley and mountain views has ample space inside to chill, as well as outdoor loungers, a sauna, steam bath, hot thermal springs and Thalassotherapy. Being a family hotel, Haus Hirt has devised several special new mum 'n baby programmes as well as treats for proud expectant mums-to-be. The signature treatment is the Thermal Water Baths, and we particularly like the fango stamps of Salzburg mineral mud packs and the AVEDA Elemental Nature Massage.

Yoga enthusiasts flock to this hotel for specialist sessions both in and outdoors - after all, the alpine air is so pure it is a pleasure to breathe.

Kids & Co.

A very family friendly affair, Haus Hirt Hotel has all the holistic and practical additions you will ever need, from baby massage courses and mountain jogging buggies to practical cots, nannies and free daytime childcare. Kids also have lots to entertain them, from horse-riding, swimming and shooting bows and arrows to climbing, golf, tennis and rafting. Families can go on mountain excursions together and there is also a children’s club with all things ski in the winter and outdoors-y in summer. 



Bad Gastein Bad Gastein

On the edge of the spa town Bad Gastein, Hotel Haus Hirt commands a lush vantage point of the valley and town, close to its sister Hotel Miramonte.

Haus Hirt is close to the amenities of town, train station and has access to the mountains of the picturesque Pongau region of Salzburg.

"I simply love Bad Gastein - it is my slice of heaven and I get a kick when I see my guests drawing in the air and atmosphere of the hotel - it's magical" - Evelyn Ikrath


If you could bottle the energy of Evelyn Ikrath it would be a sensation – luckily, you can experience this Alpine woman’s quest for the good life right here at her gorgeous boutique hotel. Evelyn beams with positive energy and it is clear that the Haus Hirt was also her childhood home - her charisma is abundantly present throughout.

Few hotels capture the magic of their owners - but here the touch of Evelyn is everywhere and she obviously adores her beloved Bad Gastein. 

She has made Haus Hirt a house and family home where all generations sit comfortably together – she has added her whimsical touches to the interiors and her child-like curiosity for people is inspiring.  

A passionate yoga enthusiast, a believer in the positive in life and the owner of a truly lovely hotel – her soul touches you with warmth and her infectious laughter roars through the house - it can almost be heard at her husband’s hotel, Miramonte, just up the hill. 

Evelyn Ikrath, owner of the Haus Hirt Alpine Boutique Hotel, Bad Gastein, Austria

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