Beskydy - Carpathian Mountains

Czech Republic

Located in the eastern Czech Republic, the deep-forested series of the Beskid Mountains (Beskydy) are part of the mighty Carpathian Mountain Range in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Known for their unspoilt nature, these vast forested hillsides, meadows, national parks - Knehyne & Podolanky Valley and the countless beauty spots.  The Beskids are a  favourite escape for nature lovers hiking in the warmer months and for ski and cross-country trails in the winter. One of the best peaks to explore is the Lysa Hora known as the Queen of the Beskydy and from here you can see the peaks of Radhošť, Velký Javorník (Big Javornik), Travný (Grassy) and Smrk (Spruce).

Ostrava, just 350km from Prague, is the capital of Moravian-Silesian and the third largest city in the Czech Republic. The region hosts a plethora of cute picturesque places to visit, each with their own very distinctive architecture including the spa-resort of Čeladná (home to the largest golf course in the land) or the former Habsburg town of Příbor, birthplace of world-renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. 

Set to the theatrical backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains, Moravian-Silesian is a wonderful place to escape the world and explore the Czech Republic and its stunning beauty of the Beskids. 

Mezi Plutky Boutique Hotel in the Carpathian Mountain range of Beskydy offers cool design accommodation in the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic
Beskydy - Carpathian Mountains, Czech Republic

Mezi Plůtky

Set against the forested Beskydy (Beskids) range in the Carpathian Mountains, this 200-year-old designer hideaway fosters modern Czech county living whilst giving heritage a hug, decked in whites, linens and twisted rafters.

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